Lotus Dialogue: Hijack

A screenshot of a Fomorian power core being transported by a tram in the Grineer Shipyards. The power core is a complex metal device with several exposed nodes and cables. Screenshot by GrayArchon.

Hijack an enemy transport and escort it to extraction. Guard the vehicle from enemies as it moves along a path.

In order to make the target move, Tenno must stand next to the cart and use energy from their shields to power it. As the shields drain, the cart will move along the path towards extraction. The more Tenno giving shield power, the faster the transport moves. The transport will lose health over time, so speed is critical to ensuring success.

Sometimes, a large item must be acquired and then transported through a hostile enemy base for collection and extraction. The Tenno must fight off enemies who wish to recover it, or failing that, destroy it. There are two variants of Hijack depending on enemy faction, each dealing with a specific scenario.


Grineer Hijack missions see the Tenno take control of a Fomorian power core and transport it via tram through a Grineer Shipyard. These missions were originally released as a part of Operation: Tethra's Doom, and also feature dialogue from Vay Hek as he taunts the Tenno. On the standard Starchart, this mission type appears only at Ludi, Ceres and Marid, Sedna.

Mission start

Lotus: "A Fomorian Core is being transported from the factory for installation. You are here to make sure that core never reaches a Fomorian-class ship."

Lotus: "We are here to hijack the transport of a Fomorian Power core before it can be installed in the growing Fomorian fleet."

During mission

(variant) Lotus: "We need to take these cores into deep space for destruction. A core rupture here would turn this outpost into an uninhabitable wasteland."

(variant) Lotus: "Left unchecked, Vay Hek1 will create hundreds of new Fomorian-class ships. We plan to stop as many ships being built as possible by destroying their most critical components: the Fomorian Core."

Lotus: "The Grineer are transporting the core by cargo tram. Find the control console to reroute the tram."

Upon hacking the terminal

Vay Hek: "What is happening? Where… where is the core?"

Vay Hek: "What is happening to the tram? Investigate. Investigate now!"

Vay Hek: "Something is wrong. Tenno?!? Stop them!"

Lotus: "Excellent. We now have control of the tram. Its drive systems have been overridden and it will now draw power from your shields."

Lotus: "Good, the tram has been rerouted. It will now draw power from your shields in order to keep moving forward."

After the first track segment

Lotus: "We are making progress. Stay sharp, Tenno."

Lotus: "So far, so good. Keep moving the tram toward extraction."

After the second track segment

Lotus: "You have reached the midpoint. Disposing of these cores will be a massive blow to Vay Hek."

Lotus: "You are making solid progress. Keep moving."

Upon reaching the final segment of the track

Lotus: "Extraction is close. Do not let up. The Grineer must not be allowed to recover this core."

Lotus: "You are nearing extraction. This is the final push."

If the tram is moving backwards

Lotus: "The Grineer have control and are pulling back the tram."

Lotus: "Grineer have regained control of the tram."

Lotus: "The tram is retreating."

If the core is taking damage

(75% health, variant) Lotus: "Protect the core. We will destroy it in space. The consequences of a rupture here are unthinkable."

(75% health, variant) Lotus: "The core is highly volatile. It will rupture if it takes too much damage. Do not let this happen."

(50% health, variant) Lotus: "That core is taking heavy damage. If it ruptures, the ground you stand on will be uninhabitable for millenia."

(50% health, variant) Lotus: "Protect the core from enemy fire. A rupture means certain death."

(25% health, variant) Lotus: "The situation is desperate. If that core takes much more damage, it could wipe out you and this entire outpost."

(25% health, variant) Lotus: "The core has almost ruptured. The situation is critical!"

Vay Hek taunts

Vay Hek: "We will build the cores faster than you can destroy them, Tenno. Mark my words!"

Vay Hek: "You are only delaying the inevitable. My Fomorians will be built. My ships will rule the System."

Vay Hek: "You cannot stop progress. All will be Grineer dominion."

Vay Hek: "Assassins, thieves, miscreants. Leave my cores alone."

Vay Hek: "Tenno, Tenno, Tenno are here. Stop them. Stop them at once!"

Vay Hek: "Tenno have the core. They are not permitted to have the core!"

Vay Hek: "Stop them! Recover the cores!"

Vay Hek: "Be warned. Failure to stop the Tenno will result in your failure to continue breathing."

Vay Hek: "Come back with the core. Or don't come back at all!"

Mission complete

Lotus: "The core has reached extraction. This is a major setback for Vay Hek2."

Lotus: "We have the core. The Grineer will not be pleased with our victory."

Mission failure

Lotus: "A rupture is imminent. Tenno, you must prepare yourself for what comes next."

Lotus: "The core is rupturing. I am sorry, Tenno; there is nothing I can do for you."


Corpus Hijack missions see the Tenno take control of a Rover loaded with valuable salvage and direct it through a Corpus base and subsequent ice canyon. These missions were originally released as a part of the Overtake Tactical Alert. On the standard Starchart, this mission type appears only at Sorath, Europa.

Mission start

"We are here to hijack a Corpus rover loaded with valuable cargo and escort it to our extraction point."

"Your target today is a Corpus rover. Take control and escort the rover to extraction."

During mission

"The Corpus are trying to scavenge anything of value from these crashed ships. This rover is carrying their most important finds."

"We have to move quickly. Once the Corpus realise what we are trying to do, they will use everything they can to stop us."

Upon activating the rover

"Good work. We now have control of the rover…. Hold on, Tenno… things just got more complicated. The Corpus have corrupted the rover's power cell. I can reconfigure it, but its new source of power will be your warframe's shields."

"The rover is active, but… wait… the Corpus have remotely corrupted its power cell. Hold on, I will reconfigure the rover to draw power from your shields."

Progress checks

(location 1) "So far, so good."

(location 2) "Keep going. That rover's contents will be a huge boost to our cause."

(location 3) "You have almost reached the extraction point. Keep fighting."

If the rover is moving backwards

"The Corpus are pulling back the rover. You need to stay close to maintain control."

"The rover is reversing; get back in range as soon as possible."

"The Corpus have regained control of the rover."

If the rover is taking damage

(75% health) "The rover is taking damage. The Corpus would rather destroy it than let us escape with its cargo."

(75% health) "Protect the rover. If it's destroyed, this mission will be considered a failure."

(50% health) "Do not let the Corpus destroy the rover."

(50% health) "The rover is taking heavy damage. You must protect it."

(25% health) "Critical damage. The rover is almost gone."

(25% health) "Situation critical. The rover must not take any more hits."

Mission complete

"Got it. Let's head home."

"Excellent. This cargo will be a big help to our cause."

Mission failure

"The rover has been destroyed. This mission is over."

"They destroyed the rover. We're going home empty handed."

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  1. The subtitle here reads "Project Tethra" instead of "Vay Hek", a holdover from Operation: Tethra's Doom.
  2. The subtitle here reads "Project Tethra" instead of "Vay Hek", a holdover from Operation: Tethra's Doom.

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