Lotus Dialogue: Defence

Defend an important target against waves of enemy units. If the defence target is destroyed, the mission automatically fails. Every 5 waves, choose to stay and fight, or extract from the mission.

Often, an item under enemy control will come to the attention of the Lotus. This item is most commonly a warframe cryopod. Specialised extraction teams are deployed to collect and transport the cargo, but before they arrive, a cell of Tenno is dispatched to achieve custody of the object and defend it while the extraction team is on its way. Defence missions are endless, as the Tenno holds out against ever more powerful enemies. Every five waves, they are given the opportunity to extract, and collect what rewards may be available. Or, they can choose to remain, giving the extraction team more time to finish their work. The mission is lost if the defence objective is destroyed. The following are the Lotus' dialogue lines as she guides the Tenno.

Mission start

"Our position has been compromised. Defend the cargo until reinforcements arrive."

"The enemy is at our doorstep. You must defend our equipment until reinforcements arrive."

(Grineer Sealab tileset, cloning lab variant) Lotus: "This embryonic fluid injector has been recalibrated to wreak havoc on Tyl Regor's cloning operation. Defend the injector for as long as possible to ensure maximum damage."

When approaching defence objective

"Reinforcements are inbound. Hold the line."

"We are readying reinforcements. Keep fighting, Tenno."

Rotation prompt (every 5 waves)

"Reinforcements available. Do you choose to leave now, or continue fighting?"

"Extraction is ready, unless you can handle more of the enemy."


"Continue to defend! You will be rewarded for your bravery."

"Keep fighting. Another opportunity to extract will appear soon."


"Very impressive, Tenno; you held them all back. Time to get out of here."

"We're done here. The extraction team will take over from here. Time to evacuate."

"That's the last of them. Objective is secure. Let's go home."

Kuva Fortress

Defence missions on the Kuva Fortress have a completely different set of dialogue lines, though gameplay remains the same. There are a large number of hazards such as poison gas and flamethrower turrets that will be active in the area, however. On the standard Starchart, this mission only appears at Nabuk, Kuva Fortress.

(mission start, variant) "The Queens hope they can create kuva by way of this alchemy. We can't let that happen. Introduce poison into the system and defend the injector while it destroys their experiment."

(mission start, variant) "The Queens are attempting to distil kuva, and we can't take the chance that they might be successful. Release this poison into their operation and defend the apparatus for as long as possible."

(if the Tenno lingers, variant) "Activate that apparatus to start the poison drip."

(if the Tenno lingers, variant) "Quickly, activate the poison drip apparatus."

(upon starting defence, variant) "The poison drip has started. Defend the apparatus while it works. The longer you hold out, the more complete the destruction of the kuva will be."

(upon starting defence, variant) "Hold on tight. The Grineer are going to do everything in their power to destroy the apparatus and salvage the experiment."

(in between waves, variant) "The Queens have been frantically trying to produce more kuva. Anything we can do to thwart their efforts will help our cause."

(in between waves, variant) "What's in this sludge and why do the Queens think they can make kuva from it?"

Mirror Defence

The node Tyana Pass on Mars has a modified version of Defence called Mirror Defence. This mode also includes dialogue from Tyl Regor, and can be found on a separate dialogue page:

The mission nodes Spear and Kadesh, also on Mars, have the standard version of Defence.

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