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On rare occasions, Grineer soldiers will defect from the command of their Queens and seek a better life elsewhere. One such group is the Kavor, who have subsequently been attacked by the Infestation. During Defection missions, the Tenno must escort surviving Kavor defectors to the escape shuttles, while defending them from the Infested and a vengeful Sargas Ruk.

Mission start

This mission type requires the Tenno to find friendly Grineer defectors and escort them to a shuttle for escape. Mission control is provided by the Lotus, with frequent dialogue from the defectors themselves, along with occasional taunts from Sargas Ruk and the Red Veil.

Lotus: "The scattered survivors of this Infestation have barricaded themselves in safe areas throughout this Galleon. Escort the crew to the waiting escape ship."

(variant) Lotus: "Don't be alarmed by the crew. They're Grineer defectors, rescued by Steel Meridian, but too broken to join their ranks. Instead, they've banded together in search of a more peaceful life. They call themselves Kavor."

(variant) Lotus: "The crew here are Kavor defectors, Grineer who rejected the violence they were created for. Rather than join Steel Meridian, they've chosen a different path, seeking a dream of an existence where they would not be forced to commit more atrocities."

The Tenno enters the map near a shuttle bay, and must immediately engage with Infested enemies. In order to proceed with the mission, the Tenno must hack a door.

(upon hacking door) Lotus: "I've located the first group of survivors. Find them and escort them to the waiting transport."

Beyond the door, the Tenno will encounter a Med Booster tower labelled "A".

(upon approaching the Med Booster, variant) Lotus: "The Galleon's atmosphere has become toxic. It will kill the crew members within minutes. Their only hope is the Med Boosters, but you must keep them powered. The survivors will never reach the transport without them."

(upon approaching the Med Booster, variant) Lotus: "The Infestation is airborne and it's slowly killing the crew. The Med Boosters scattered throughout the ship are their only hope for survival."

Next to the Med Booster is a comms console.

(upon approaching the comms console, variant) Lotus: "You may use this console to send a signal that you want the survivors to hurry."

(upon approaching the comms console, variant) Lotus: "Use this comms console to rush out more survivors."

Once the door is hacked, a 40-second countdown will start, after which a squad of 4 Kavor (3 if the Tenno is solo) will appear in a tile adjacent to Med Booster A, and they will make their way to the Med Booster. If the Tenno activates the comms console, the countdown will end and the Kavor squad will immediately spawn.

The Kavor take constant damage over time from the Infested atmosphere unless they are near an active Med Booster, and will also be attacked by the numerous Infested enemies. The Kavor are armed, wielding either a Grakata, Sobek, Gorgon, or Ignis, but will prioritise reaching the objective over fighting the Infested. Once at the Med Booster, they will remain there indefinitely, fighting off the Infested as best they can. When the Med Booster is actively healing the Kavor, it will drain power; power can be restored by power cells dropped by Mutalist Osprey Power Carriers.

The Kavor can be told to move out by interacting with them; this will cause the Kavor squad to move towards the shuttle bay and board the waiting transport ship. Once all members of the squad have boarded (or died), the shuttle departs and a new squad of Kavor will begin counting down to appear.

(if the Kavor are fully healed at the Med Booster, variant) Lotus: "Tell the survivors when you're ready to move on."

(if the Kavor are fully healed at the Med Booster, variant) Lotus: "Let the survivors know you're ready to keep moving."

Rescuing a Kavor

Lotus: "A survivor has safely reached the ship."

Lotus: "Crew member rescued. Keep it up."

Lotus: "Survivor evacuated."

Rescuing a Kavor squad

Lotus: "Survivors have just reached the safety of our transport. Keep them coming."

Lotus: "Success! A group of crew members has reached the transport."

Lotus: "A group of survivors has escaped."

Waiting for next round

Lotus: "Scanning for more survivors."

Lotus: "Locating more survivors."

Lotus: "Scanning for additional crew."

After first round

Sargas Ruk: "Boo. [laughs] Found you!"

Sargas Ruk: "Look what I found. The Kavor. The high and mighty. Dead fools walking."

Sargas Ruk: "Poor Kavor… the Tenno led me right to you."

Sargas Ruk: "Kavor. Betrayed your post. Betrayed your comrades. Betrayed me. Your punishment: endless suffering."

Sargas Ruk: "Kavor. You're the worst of a bad batch. Inflicted with that mutation, the pacifism defect. You should have been incinerated like the garbage you are."

Sargas Ruk: "You Kavor are a mistake, a factory malfunction. Your pacifism? Nothing more than a defect."

Upon rescuing subsequent Kavor squads

Sargas Ruk: "Your betrayal breathes fire into my soul. I will find you, Kavor."

Sargas Ruk: "Not even the Tenno will keep you safe."

Sargas Ruk: "I will never stop hunting you."

Sargas Ruk: "I will remember what you did here today, Tenno."

When extraction is available

In standard Defection gameplay, the extraction zone will be unlocked after 2 Kavor squads are rescued, and the Tenno can go there at any time to end the mission. Defection missions are endless, however, and the Tenno can choose to remain and rescue as many Kavor as possible, with enemy level increasing over time. In non-endless conditions like Sorties and Alerts, the Tenno is given a number of Kavor squads to rescue (typically 5), and once that number is fulfilled, extraction is unlocked.

(endless) Lotus: "There are still survivors to be evacuated, but this operation is becoming increasingly risky. You have permission to seek extraction when you feel you can no longer protect the crew."

(endless) Lotus: "The Infestation is growing more aggressive with each passing minute. Head to extraction when you can no longer guarantee the crew's safety."

(non-endless) Lotus: "All crew members accounted for. Time to go."

(non-endless) Lotus: "That's everyone. Let's get out of here."

When a new zone is unlocked

After 2 squads are rescued, a new zone of the ship will open up, with a new Med Booster tower labelled "B" (and corresponding comms console). Kavor squads will begin spawning near B. When told to move out, they will go to A, and from there must be told to go to the shuttle bay. After 2 such squads are rescued, a third section of the ship will open up, with Med Booster C. From that point on, Kavor squads will spawn at both B and C, heading first to A and then to the shuttle bay. If the Tenno is solo, Kavor squads will only spawn one at a time, alternating between B and C.

Lotus: "I've found a new group of survivors."

Lotus: "Another group of defectors needs an escort."

Lotus: "Survivors are trying to get to the transport. They aren't going to make it without your help."

Lotus: "There's another group of survivors looking for an escort."

Lotus: "More survivors. Keep them safe."

If a Kavor is downed

When a Kavor's health is depleted, they will enter bleedout, and can be revived. If a Kavor is downed a second time, they will instantly die without entering bleedout.

Lotus: "A crew member is down. Heal them."

Lotus: "Revive that fallen crew member."

Lotus: "Heal that crew member before they die."

If a Kavor dies

Dead Kavor will spawn a large Infested pod that quickly releases a Carrion Charger. If 10 Kavor (6 in Sorties) die over the course of the mission, the Lotus will suspend all further evacuation efforts and direct the Tenno to extraction.

(first death) Lotus: "We lost one. Keep crew members alive. Lose too many and I'll be forced to abort the mission."

Lotus: "Crew member killed. Protect the remaining survivors."

Lotus: "We lost one."

Lotus: "Another crew member has been killed."

(if too many Kavor are killed, variant) Lotus: "You've let too many of the crew be killed. I can't allow this to continue. Head to extraction."

(if too many Kavor are killed, variant) Lotus: "Too many crew members have been lost. We need to regroup. Head to extraction."

(if too many Kavor are killed before extraction is available) Lotus: "Too many crew have died. This mission is a failure." [mission failure]

When a Manic spawns

Once every 8 Kavor squads (starting around the 3rd squad), a Grineer Manic will appear and attempt to kill the Kavor. This is announced by Sargas Ruk. Subsequent attacks feature greater numbers of Manics.

Sargas Ruk: "I have you now, traitors."

Sargas Ruk: "No more running, Kavor."

Sargas Ruk: "Time for your judgement."

Sargas Ruk: "Even the Tenno cannot save you."

(first Manic spawn) Lotus: "Grineer Manic! He's here to kill the defectors. Take him out."

When Red Veil Operatives spawn

Once every 8 Kavor squads (starting around the 8th squad), a group of Red Veil Operatives will appear and attempt to kill the Kavor. This is announced by the Red Veil representative from the Relays. Subsequent attacks feature greater numbers of Operatives.

Red Veil: "Kavor, you could be the key to a future of peace. You must be studied. Alas, Steel Meridian has denied our requests for a specimen, so now we are forced to take one. Stand aside, Tenno."

Red Veil: "What defect made you reject violence, Kavor? Can we exploit it? Our questions need answers, and our answers require a sacrifice. Do not interfere, Tenno."

If Med Booster gets below 10%

Lotus: "For the survivors, these Med Boosters mean the difference between life and death. Keep them powered."

Lotus: "The survivors need first aid before they can move on. Find power cells for the Med Booster."

Lotus: "The survivors are hurting. Keep the Med Boosters powered to give them the relief they need."

Lotus: "This Med Booster is the only thing keeping the crew alive. Make sure it doesn't run out of power."

Lotus: "Find power cells and bring them to the Med Boosters to keep them operational."

Lotus: "The crew will die if you don't find power cells for that Med Booster."

If the Med Booster is out of power

Lotus: "This Med Booster is out of power."

Lotus: "This Med Booster needs power cells."

Lotus: "Find power cells for the Med Booster."

Lotus: "Get power cells in that Med Booster, now!"

Throughout the mission, the Kavor defectors themselves also have a wide variety of dialogue lines.

When a Kavor squad encounters the Tenno

Male Kavor 1: "The Tenno? Why you help?"

Male Kavor 1: "Trust Tenno skoom? Hmm… no choice."

Male Kavor 1: "Only death there. But death means peace. Let us go."

Male Kavor 2: "Tenno… help… Grineer?"

Male Kavor 2: "Don't want to go anywhere."

Male Kavor 2: "Too loud. Too many noises."

Male Kavor 2: "Need quiet! You make them quiet?"

Female Kavor: "Tenno??? You won't kill me???"

Female Kavor: "Helping us? We're Grineer!"

Female Kavor: "A Tenno? What choice do we have?"

Female Kavor: "Cressa Tal sent you? Let's go."

When the Kavor are fighting the Infested

Male Kavor 1: "Sikkaht, everywhere."

Male Kavor 1: "They are coming."

Male Kavor 1: "Look! More ramn-sikkaht."

Male Kavor 2: "More sikkaht coming."

Male Kavor 2: "The sikkaht!"

Male Kavor 2: "Ramn, Infested sikkaht."

Female Kavor: "More sikkaht."

Female Kavor: "Keep pushing."

Female Kavor: "Get… away… from… me!"

When the Kavor are being healed by a Med Booster

Male Kavor 1: "That helps."

Male Kavor 1: "I can breathe."

Male Kavor 1: "That's better."

Male Kavor 2: "Magic?"

Male Kavor 2: "I live."

Male Kavor 2: "Thanks, Tenno."

Female Kavor: "Feel better."

Female Kavor: "Feel alive, again."

Female Kavor: "Much better. Go now??"

When a Kavor squad is instructed to move out

Male Kavor 1: "We'll go with you, but… we cannot fight like before."

Male Kavor 1: "Let us move."

Male Kavor 1: "Time to go!"

Male Kavor 1: "Everyone! We move now."

Male Kavor 2: "Go with you? Okay."

Male Kavor 2: "Tenno. Show me the way."

Female Kavor: "Go? Okay, go!"

Female Kavor: "Okay, let's go."

Female Kavor: "Go? Ramn! Okay."

Female Kavor: "One, two, three, I can do this again."

When a Kavor approaches the transport ship

Male Kavor 1: "You saved us."

Male Kavor 1: "Thank you, Tenno."

Male Kavor 1: "Never forget you, Tenno."

Male Kavor 2: "Safety?!"

Male Kavor 2: "Can't be real? Can it?" 

Male Kavor 2: "Is this freedom?"

Male Kavor 2: "Are we safe now?"

Male Kavor 2: "Tenno not skoom!"

Female Kavor: "Safe. For now."

Female Kavor: "Dead without you, Tenno."

Female Kavor: "Owe you my life."

Female Kavor: "Thanks, Tenno."

If a Kavor is at 50% health

Male Kavor 1: "I need rest."

Male Kavor 1: "Can't go much further."

Male Kavor 1: "The air is killing me."

Male Kavor 2: "Tired, ramn tired."

Male Kavor 2: "Ahh, everything hurts!"

Male Kavor 2: "Not going to make it."

Female Kavor: "I am hurt."

Female Kavor: "Rahm… ahhh."

If a Kavor is at 25% health

Male Kavor 1: "Tenno, this is killing us."

Male Kavor 1: "Lungs… burning…."

Male Kavor 1: "Can't go on much longer."

Male Kavor 1: "The sikkaht is in me."

Male Kavor 1: "I won't make it out." 

Male Kavor 2: "We are dying."

Male Kavor 2: "It's killing me."

Male Kavor 2: "Die here??? [coughing] Rahmm."

Male Kavor 2: "Need help…."

Female Kavor: "The air is sick."

Female Kavor: "Tenno, this is killing us."

Female Kavor: "Dying…."

Female Kavor: "Leave me… go!"

If a Kavor is downed

Male Kavor 1: "They got me."

Male Kavor 1: "I die here then."

Male Kavor 1: "Forget about me. Keep moving."

Male Kavor 2: "Gonna die. Gonna die! GONNA DIE!"

Male Kavor 2: "Why here?"

Male Kavor 2: "Wrack… it hurts."

Female Kavor: "Ahhh."

Female Kavor: "Go. Not worth saving."

Female Kavor: "I had my time."

When a Kavor is revived

Male Kavor 1: "You should have left me."

Male Kavor 1: "Death would have been easier."

Male Kavor 1: "I owe you, Tenno."

Male Kavor 2: "I'm… better?"

Male Kavor 2: "How you do that?"

Male Kavor 2: "Why help me?"

Female Kavor: "Should be dead?!"

Female Kavor: "Thank you."

When a Kavor squad encounters a Manic

Male Kavor 1: "Ruk's found us!"

Male Kavor 1: "Always knew Sargas would come."

Male Kavor 1: "Could not run forever."

Male Kavor 2: "Assassin? He followed you!"

Male Kavor 2: "Manic… a Manic! He's here to kill us."

Male Kavor 2: "It will kill us. Please, Tenno, help."

Female Kavor: "Ruk's Manic assassin! We are dead!"

Female Kavor: "Sargas found us."

Female Kavor: "Ruk will never let us go!"

Game mode history

Defection was introduced with Operation: The Pacifism Defect in Update 19.12, limited to the Grineer Galleon tileset. It was added permanently to the Starchart in Update 21, which also expanded it to the Grineer Asteroid and Infested Ship tilesets. There have been various fixes over the years to improve NPC pathing, but the mechanics of Defection have remained the same.

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