Kuva Lich Dialogue: Flirtatious Personality

Some female Kuva Larvlings gain the "Flirtatious" personality type upon being resurrected as a Kuva Lich. Flirtatious Kuva Liches are unhealthily obsessed with the Tenno and refer to them as "little Meat", though their intent to kill the Tenno is still apparent.


The Kuva Lich's first transmission is based on the elemental damage used to kill the Kuva Larvling, not necessarily the progenitor warframe itself.

(Generic) "How shocking it must have been for you, to have killed a girl, only to turn around and find the body… gone. [laughs]"

(Generic) "Right before someone dies, their last word is almost always 'No'. It was my last word to you. Remember?"

(Generic) "The Queens have ensured that I can play my games with you – and, um, others like you – for a long, long time."

(Generic) "If all those I've killed were alive right now, do you know what they'd say? 'Let me out! Let me out! Where am I? Oh Void it's so dark! AAAGH!'"

(Dismemberment) "Flesh can be replaced. Limbs, exchangeable. But my broken heart? You made off with that, didn't you, little Meat?"

(Dismemberment) "When skinning a person alive, hypothermia is… a risk. The victim may die too quickly. Remember this, should we ever meet in a warm room."

(Dismemberment) "Anyone can hack someone to pieces. But it takes a GODDESS to put themselves back together again."

(Dismemberment) "Did you know the human head lives for up to twenty seconds after decapitation? Why do I ask? Oh, no reason…."

(Cold) "If you snap-freeze and flash-fry someone, they explode into bloody confetti. This is why I'm not allowed near weddings."

(Cold) "I had a long time to think as I thawed out. Naughty little Meat. Naughty, naughty little Meat."

(Cold) "I've always hated the cold."

(Cold) "Cold kills slowly. The last sense to go is hearing. That means the last voice you'll hear will be mine. Isn't that romantic?"

(Electricity/Magnetic) "I'm fully charged and ready for playtime."

(Electricity/Magnetic) "When you electrocuted me my eyes exploded. Isn't that funny?"

(Electricity/Magnetic) "[sigh] I was electrocuted and you, naughty little Meat… you're grounded."

(Heat) "Do you remember me, little Meat? The way you turned your fire on me, resculpting me? I'm not mad. I understand."

(Heat) "Did you know that someone's body can burn for seven whole hours? Did you know that?"

(Heat) "Fire runs through my body with the pain of loving you. Pain runs through my body with the fires of my love for you."

(Heat) "You dressed me in flame, little Meat. We shall be the envy of the ball, you and I."

(Toxin/Gas/Viral) "Oh, little Meat. Tiny serpent with your tiny poison. Did you really think you could kill a big mean dragon like me?"

(Toxin/Gas/Viral) "You imagine yourself toxic. I'll show you toxic."

(Toxin/Gas/Viral) "I choked down enough poison from you to kill ten normal Grineer. But a Grineer who is shared the Old Blood is no normal Grineer."

(Toxin/Gas/Viral) "I am grateful for your toxin, little Meat. There was a little too much blood in my poison stream."

After logging in

"Hard-to-get isn't a good look for you, little Meat."

"Are you receiving visitors?"

"Oh, you. Don't be in a [unclear]. Let's talk, you silly thing."

"You've been bad."

"The chase continues, Little Meat."

Viewing influenced sector

"Lovely. Everything in its place."

"Ooooh. My playground expands."

"Ooh, I win. I am having so much fun with you, little Meat. What shall we play next?"

"More for me."

Claiming tax

"A little treat from my little Meat. Thank you, darling."

"I didn't say you could play here. Now, give me that."

"Everyone pays in my playground. One way or the other."

"Oh, little Meat. Too kind. I shall buy something lovely with this. [small gasp] A germ weapon, perhaps."

After revealing a Requiem

"Oh. I see you. Can you see me? You're much closer now."

"Yes, yes, you're very clever. You still haven't found me, though, have you?"

"Clever clever, little Meat. You're getting warmer."

"Come and get me."

When fighting in mission

(when spawning) "Remember how much fun we had when you killed me?"

(when spawning) "You are mine, little Meat. No one else's."

(when spawning) "This has to hurt, little Meat. Or else why bother?"

(when spawning) "I forgive you for what you did."

(when spawning) "I remember every moment we've shared. Every touch. Every lash. Every wound."

"Ooh, I do love our bouts. [chuckles]"

"I'll miss you, little Meat."

"Show me what you have learned. I have learned that it takes only eight pounds of force to remove a human ear."

"Oh no you don't. Get back here."

"Oh, now now now now, don't make me forgive you. Not again."

[deranged cackling]

"Are you holding back?"

(if the Tenno is downed) "Oops!"

(if the Tenno is downed) "And now I have you right… where… I want you."

(if the Tenno is downed) [giggling]

(if the Tenno is downed) "Oh, you tried your best, didn't you? Here, let me help."

(if the Tenno is killed) "I think you love me because you want to die."

(if the Tenno is killed) "Good night, darling."

(if the Tenno is killed) "What is this like… for you?"

Using a correct Requiem

"Death is my lover, little Meat. She has held me closer than this."

"Oh, little Meat. I will not die easily. The Old Blood flows within me, deathless."

"[laughs, coughs] Ah well…."

"Perhaps you deserve this. We both do."

Using an incorrect Requiem

"To think… of all those I've killed… how they gave themselves, just to get little me to where I am today. Thank you. Thank you, all!"

"The pain. The blood. The death. All for you, my Queens. It was all for you."

"The Queens… the kuva… have bestowed upon me new gifts."

"Little Meat, do you see? I'm magnificent, darling. Let me… let me show you."

"The Queens, they like me! They really like me!"

(when reaching max rank) "The Queens' vision of a new Grineer, the apex made manifest, in me! Now, now, my great red work truly begins!"

(when reaching max rank) "Yes! This was always meant to be mine! All my work, the long harvest, the landscapes of carrion, all for this! Every scream, every strangulation, every exterminated city… worthwhile."


"[laughs] You thought you had me."

"I love you… to death. Til next time."

"I know you didn't mean any of that. Farewell, little Meat."

"Oh, look at you, standing up for yourself! So long, little Meat."

"My love cannot be contained any more than it can be killed. And so, I go."

If the Lich causes the Tenno to fail the mission

"Know your place, little Meat."

"Oh, little Meat. [giggles]"

"Did you fall down?"

Final confrontation in Saturn Proxima

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "I suppose there is a time for everything. Even this. So be it."

(when the Tenno boards the capital ship) "Oh. Little Meat. Really? The System won't be the same without you."

(while the Tenno traverses the ship) "Little Meat, you really cannot keep interfering like this. You know I have to stop you."

(when the Tenno arrives for the final confrontation) "Little Meat. This fight won't be like the last time, I can promise you that."

(when the Tenno arrives for the final confrontation) "When you get to Hell, say hello to all the other Tenno I've put down."


"Our… affair… is… concluded. For now."

"Until we meet again, little Meat."

"And so it goes."


"I knew you wanted me."

"Are we ready for this? Very well. Let's… explore the possibilities."

"It was always going to be this way. We were meant for each other."

When assisting

"I'm here, darling!"

"Oh, aren't you going to introduce me to your little playmates?"

"I was in the area, heard the screams, and thought 'I'll just bet that's my little darling.' And, here you are."

"Darling, you shouldn't have! All these lovely warm bodies just waiting to be opened up like presents. I'm the luckiest girl in the System!"

(when leaving) "There. That's better."

(when leaving) "I do so love your gift for conflict resolution. I could watch all day."

(when leaving) "I just knew we could make this relationship work."

(when leaving) "Those mean old Queens were quite angry with me, running off with you like this. But it's worth it."

(if killed) "Farewell, my darling."

(if killed) "My apologies, darling. I must… leave you."

(if killed) "And so… I take my leave. [exhale]"


Kuva Liches can rarely have personality quirks that result in unique behaviour and dialogue when the Kuva Lich appears to fight in a mission.

Allergic to Nature

Unique dialogue when spawning on outdoor tilesets.

"You do understand that 'dirt' is just another word for 'filth'? This entire planet is made of… f… feculence. I'll never get clean. I'LL NEVER GET CLEAN."

"Nature, bugs, filth, crawling, burbling, rustling, multi-legged feelers and eyes and ahhhhhh!"

Always Hungry

Unique dialogue; no observed behaviour.

"Oh. A small morsel. Something light. A girl has to keep up her strength."

"Time for a little meat, little Meat. And then… then, the main course. [laughs]"


Unique dialogue if the Tenno turns invisible.

"Your delicate scent betrays you, little Meat. I know you're here."

"Mmm, little Meat. I'd know your scent anywhere."


Will attempt to flee at low health while speaking unique dialogue.

"You should let a girl know they will be facing you undermatched. What am I supposed to do now, run? Ugh, so undignified."

"You've… grown. Well, that's no fun! Time to leave."


Can randomly attempt to flee while speaking unique dialogue.

"You kill my lackeys, now you kill my shiniest. I liked those. I don't want to play with you anymore, Little Meat."

"My finest. You killed my finest. You killed my finest! I thought you liked me! I'm leaving!"

Fear of Being Alone

Unique dialogue if there are no supporting troops.

"It would appear I am now unaccompanied, and therefore… leaving!"

"Why are all my men dead? Why am I now undefended? I was assured that they were the best! I cannot work like this! Goodbye."

Fear of Children

Unique dialogue if the Tenno uses their Operator form.

"Wah! Children!"

"Children… children! Away, you brats. Away!"

Fear of Heights

Unknown behaviour.

"Oh my. Get me down. Get me down! Get me down!!!"

"Oh, please, let's move this away from the edge, hmm? I'm asking you nicely. I have to get away from the edge!"

Fear of Kubrow

Unique dialogue if the Tenno has a kubrow companion.

"No, no no no no no no no no! Not kubrows! Not kubrows!"

"Kubrows? No, no, not again! Not after last time!"

Fear of Space Travel

Unique dialogue when spawning on ship tilesets; sometimes will freeze in terror and not attack.

"No no. Too high. Too far. Get me back on the ground! Get me… back on the ground!"

"Space! Who planned this! Get me out of here. GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

Hatred of Children

Unique dialogue if the Tenno uses their Operator form.

"Oh, the little ankle-biters think they can take on the big, scary Grineer."

"[laughs] Oh, children. I'm about to teach you a very important lesson in humility."

Hatred of Corpus

Unique dialogue when spawning on Corpus tilesets.

"Corpus. How dull. Die, you boring little men."

"[sigh] Corpus, Corpus, Corpus. Boring, boring, boring. You really, really, must leave this party immediately and, above all, violently. Thank you!"

Hatred of Infested

Unique dialogue when spawning on Infested tilesets.

"Infested. Infested! INFESTED! Kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it!"

"Infested. Like a dream of everyone I've ever eviscerated come crawling back to drown me in cold, glistening innards. Die. Die. Die. Die!"


Unique dialogue if there are no supporting troops.

"Ah, alone at last. Time to let my hair down and slice my way into all your delicious little secrets."

"Those troopers were cheap and expendable, anyway. You did me a favour. Now I can really cut loose."


Prone to attacking allied troops while speaking unique dialogue.

"That's what traitors get for talking behind my back! Summary dismissal without references! Or burial."

"Traitor! And as for the rest of you, I'll find his little compatriots, oh yes! And when I do… oh, when I do…."

Prone to Vertigo

Avoids stairways and catwalks.

"[gasps] How dare you!"

"How could you! You know I have an unusually high centre of gravity."


Unique dialogue if the Tenno is on fire.

"Love and flame, little Meat. Both burn. Both hurt. Both kill."

"Oh, you make such a pretty candle, little Meat. Such a pretty, pretty candle."

Trophy Hunter

Unknown behaviour.

"Oh, what a cutie little critter! I simply must kill it."

"What is that thing? That, that four-legged thing looking at me? Kill it! Oh, I have to kill it. Stop looking at me like that, just stop it!"


Unique dialogue; no observed behaviour.

"Armour: polished. Presentation: impeccable. I am the very vision of a modern major murderer."

"Allow me to provide a lesson in personal style, little Meat. You don't have to die shabby."

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