Kuva Lich Dialogue: Calculating Personality

Some female Kuva Larvlings gain the "Calculating" personality type upon being resurrected as a Kuva Lich. Calculating Kuva Liches are overly concerned with planning, strategy, and tactics, and seek to overcome their Tenno nemesis – whom they call "Adversary" – in a lethal game of cat and mouse.


The Kuva Lich's first transmission is based on the elemental damage used to kill the Kuva Larvling, not necessarily the progenitor warframe itself.

(Generic) "Your murder of me is now redefined as your attempted murder of me."

(Generic) "I am of the old blood. We do not die, foolish Adversary."

(Generic) "I am no stranger to the lands beyond Death. It is a sunless place, in a direction you cannot point to. Soon… you shall reside there."

(Generic) "My primate ancestors attempted to fell the moon by hurling stones at it. Your attempts to fell me are no different. You have been… out-evolved, Adversary."

(Dismemberment) "Your dismemberment of me has not resulted in a conventional outcome."

(Dismemberment) "Arms. Legs. Organs. There is nothing you can take from me that I cannot replace. No Hell you can consign me to from which the blood of the Queens cannot retrieve me."

(Dismemberment) "The dismemberment you subjected me to was not my first. Will not be my last. Death is no solution to the problem of me."

(Dismemberment) "I have been bisected, dissected, autopsied, upgraded… the line between who I was and what I am erased and redrawn more times… than I have bothered to record."

(Cold) "They say freezing to death is like going to sleep. No, it was an awakening."

(Cold) "With your freezing touch my blood pressure dropped to zero. My mind is clear. My thoughts… crystalline."

(Cold) "With cold comes silence. In silence, with cognitive processors supercooled, I can think. Plan. Execute."

(Cold) "Since you froze me, I feel nothing. Numb. I do not feel the world. I do not feel. I am naught but my will. I will you… ill."

(Electricity/Magnetic) "You thought you put me down. Instead, I was supercharged."

(Electricity/Magnetic) "Your voltage exceeded survivable tolerances. And yet, I live."

(Electricity/Magnetic) "In a flash your current rewrote who I am. Optimised me. Focused me. On you!"

(Electricity/Magnetic) "I may be electric, but I'm anything but static."

(Heat) "Flames kill some… forge others."

(Heat) "I burned. I learned."

(Heat) "You incinerated me once, but you'll learn this: the only fire in which we burn, is time. And the blood of the Queens? Has rendered me… fire-proof."

(Heat) "Fire. Building a revenge is like building a fire. You wait, work, accumulate, and then, at the right moment, TOSS THE MATCH!"

(Toxin/Gas/Viral) "Your poison did not kill. I evolved. You are no poisoner. You lie. You are a lie."

(Toxin/Gas/Viral) "If a poison does not poison it is not a poison. If a killer does not kill they are not a killer. Conclusion: You are not very good at your job."

(Toxin/Gas/Viral) "With the addition of your toxin, my body has become a laboratory. In it I develop new miracles. I open gateways… to death."

(Toxin/Gas/Viral) "I am pregnant with your poison! Our child is death."

After logging in

"Your crime has not been forgotten, Adversary. Your crime of existence."

"Think, Adversary. Fathom me. Find me. And die."

"Your reactions fall within expected parameters. Outcomes have been mapped. Continue as you are. I shall be waiting."

"I can wait forever, Adversary. But I won't!"

"You can no more resolve a solution for the equation I represent than a kubrow might fathom a card trick."

Viewing influenced sector

"The sector is under control. Resistance crushed. Troops: begin optimising the local workforce."

"Dictating terms to relevant personages in mining, personnel, and security. This sector has a new master."

"Witness: my control expands to a new sector. Accept: you lack the capacity to stop me. Resolve: to surrender or die. We… shall speak again."

"Sector acquired."

Claiming tax

"All who pass through my sector must pay the tax. You are no exception, my little Adversary."

"I take your coin as easily as I take your life, your power, your joy."

"Adversary: I have taken my tithe, as is my right as holder of this sector."

"Tithe accepted. You may go."

After revealing a Requiem

"You draw closer to me, according to the timetable I have set."

"You apply what you have learned and draw a successful conclusion. Outcome: we are now in closer proximity."

"You draw closer. I pity you, this false moment of triumph before, head high, you stride into the threshing jaws of what I truly am."

"You draw closer."

When fighting in mission

(when spawning) "Encounter: modelled. There are 3 solutions in which you win, 439 in which you die. Your move."

(when spawning) "Your arrival is noted. Your expulsion, inevitable. Proceed."

(when spawning) "You shall die, and I shall allow myself… enjoyment."

(when spawning) "I am here."

(when spawning) "Prepare."

"You fight one gifted the old blood - the Queens' kuva. Death will not end me."

"I see you, Adversary, and I adapt."



"A pedestrian manoeuvre."

"An obvious tactic."

"Mediocre." [laughs]

(if the Tenno is downed) "Inadequate."

(if the Tenno is downed) "Pitiful."

(if the Tenno is downed) "Feeble."

(if the Tenno is downed) "Pathetic."

(if the Tenno is killed) "Conflict resolved."

(if the Tenno is killed) "Task complete."

(if the Tenno is killed) "Outcome has been determined."

Using a correct Requiem

"Bodily stress… exceeds… engineering… tolerances."

"Probability… mapping… has… failed… me."

"Queens! I… am… in… need!"

"I have not… planned… for this… contingency."

Using an incorrect Requiem

"I have upgraded."

"I continue to improve."

"The more you resist, the stronger I grow. The greater the adversity, the faster I evolve."

"I grow… I evolve. What wonders the old blood has revealed to me."

"I evolve. To what heights might I reach! The stars themselves graze against my straining fingertips. Thank you, Queens, for the gift of your blood."

(when reaching max rank) "There is… nothing… left… within myself… to… conquer. I. AM. OPTIMISED."

(when reaching max rank) "I am whole, complete, final. I am, at last, the warrior the Queens intended for me to be. I AM! THE OLD BLOOD!"


"Fascinating. I shall factor this experience into future engagement models. Farewell."

"Engagement aborted. Self-extracting!"

"Very well. I am terminating this engagement. We shall meet again."

"Troops! Your commander is exfiltrating!"

"Until next time, Adversary."

If the Lich causes the Tenno to fail the mission

"Do not follow me, Adversary. It will not end well for you."

"I have the advantage, the strength, and the training. You have an opportunity to learn. Abandon this futile quest."

"Adversary, return to fighting Corpus, tubemen, Infested. Tell yourself you are a hero. Leave the business of shaping the future to others. You do not belong here."

Final confrontation in Saturn Proxima

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "Your strategy is unsound: a byproduct of emotional motivations and reactive thinking. It shall be your undoing."

(when the Tenno boards the capital ship) "I have learned a great deal since last we met. You shall regret pursuing me."

(while the Tenno traverses the ship) "You overestimate your abilities, Adversary."

(when the Tenno arrives for the final confrontation) "You have made a tactical error in coming here, Adversary."

(when the Tenno arrives for the final confrontation) "The supposed hunter arrives, nostrils flared, chest full of hubris. [chuckles] Very well. We have time for one quick lesson."


"I have failed."

"My Queens. Forgive me."



"Allegiance or death? Nothing is gained from death. And so: allegiance."

"Very well. I concede. We are allied."

"Very well, Adversary. You have my sword. Forgive me, my Queens."

When assisting

"Are you trying to get yourself killed? Allow me to assist."

"Allow me to optimise your combat strategy."

"My assistance will increase your probability of success considerably."

"Permit me to assist."

(when leaving) "Efficient and effective. I take my leave."

(when leaving) "Victory criteria have been successfully met. Exfiltrating."

(when leaving) "My obligations here are concluded. By your leave."

(if killed) "My defeat has bought you time. Exploit it!"


Kuva Liches can rarely have personality quirks that result in unique behaviour and dialogue when the Kuva Lich appears to fight in a mission.

Allergic to Nature

Unique dialogue when spawning on outdoor tilesets.

"'Nature'. A festering cesspit of allergens… and… [hiss] IRRITANTS!"

"Nay-churrr…. Variables. Detail. Variables. Movement. Variables! Odours, colours, barometric fluctuations, atmospheric agitation…! VARIABLES!"

Always Hungry

Unique dialogue; no observed behaviour.

"Nutrition levels low… consuming vitamin slurry."

"Refilling nutrient levels. One moment."


Unique dialogue if the Tenno turns invisible.

"I smell you. You are… close."

"I may not see you, but I smell you."


Will attempt to flee at low health while speaking unique dialogue.

"I have… overestimated my capabilities. Withdrawing. Withdrawing!"

"Adversary more competent than modelled. Withdrawing to restrategise."


Can randomly attempt to flee while speaking unique dialogue.

"If… if you could defeat an Eximus…. I must fall back… to rethink."

"Reassessing. Adversary more formidable than anticipated. Query: have you been working out? Strategy: retreat."

Fear of Being Alone

Unique dialogue if there are no supporting troops.

"Allies all gone. Odds of success falling. Help! I need help!"

"Outnumbered! Engagement is tactically unsound. Rethinking strategy!"

Fear of Children

Unique dialogue if the Tenno uses their Operator form.

"Human… human children? From a human mother? No. Too much. I cannot bear it. AWAY! AWAY!"

"Children? Children! Unevolved, undeveloped, single-function, parasitic lifeforms! Too human… TOO HUMAN! AWAY!"

Fear of Heights

Unknown behaviour.

"Vision spinning. Breath short. Altitude… I have to get away. Away. AWAY!"

"No. Too close, too close to the edge. No more. NO MORE!"

Fear of Kubrow

Unique dialogue if the Tenno has a kubrow companion.

"Aah! Back! Back, foul beast!"

"A kubrow. I am processing… terror."

Fear of Space Travel

Unique dialogue when spawning on ship tilesets; sometimes will freeze in terror and not attack.

"Space! Infinite… space! Should never have come here!"

"Space. Gulfs. Of space. Incalculable void. My mind… a recursive… plummeting… loop… AAAGH!"

Hatred of Children

Unique dialogue if the Tenno uses their Operator form.

"Come and get it, you little BRAT."

"Children. Your lack of evolution offends me! Your presence here will not be tolerated!"

Hatred of Corpus

Unique dialogue when spawning on Corpus tilesets.

"Death to the Corpus!"

"Corpus targets. Negative. Adversary is priority. Kill Corpus! Negativ—KILL CORPUS!"

Hatred of Infested

Unique dialogue when spawning on Infested tilesets.

"Infested. Priority target, eradicating filth."

"Infested filth! I consign you to the Void!"


Unique dialogue if there are no supporting troops.

"Reinforcements are superfluous to needs. The strategy coalesces. I am focused."

"Alone, at last. Just you and me."


Prone to attacking allied troops while speaking unique dialogue.

"Every Grineer traitor has a tell. And when I see that tell… it's lights out."

"Traitors executed. Ranks optimised."

Prone to Vertigo

Avoids stairways and catwalks.

"Gyroscopic malfunction! Destabilised!"

"Down I go again."


Unique dialogue if the Tenno is on fire.

"Witness the universe in a tongue of flame! As it licks the very flesh from your snotty, little bones…."

"Flame! Efficiency made manifest!"

Trophy Hunter

Unknown behaviour.

"A moment, Adversary. I have spotted a prime specimen I simply must have for my wall."

"Pristine fauna specimen. Collection will take but a moment. Reprioritising target."


Unique dialogue; no observed behaviour.

"You really can't improve upon perfection."

"Visual feedback confirms a Platonic ideal of perfection/imperfection. I'm pretty."

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