Fibonacci Dialogue: Assassination

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Fibonacci guides the Tenno during Assassination missions in Albrecht's laboratories. This mission sees the Tenno fight and defeat a Fragmented envoy of the Indifference. Albrecht's Lab Assassination missions are only seen on a single mission node: Effervo, Deimos. Like all Albrecht's Lab missions, it can only be accessed after completing the Whispers in the Walls quest.

The Tenno must first make the boss available by obtaining Atropos Probes (appearing in fixed locations around the map) and injecting one into a Vitreum (also appearing at various locations around the map). The Vitreum will scan for Murmur Eyes in the vicinity, broadcasting their locations periodically, with 60 seconds between scans (the Tenno must also keep the Vitreum clear of attackers, or the scan will pause). Once Murmur Eyes are revealed, the Tenno has a short duration to collect them. Sometimes a Hurling Fragment will appear over an Eye, and must be destroyed in order to collect the Eye. After a certain number of Eyes are collected, the Vitreum will be depleted, and another Vitreum must be found and activated. Up to 3 Vitreums can be active at once.

After the requisite number of Murmur Eyes have been collected, the boss will be waypointed. Activating the fight will first spawn a large number of Murmur enemies, with a collective health bar labelled "The Fragmented Tide". Once enough Murmur are killed to deplete the health bar, a cutscene will show the Murmur assembling into a large composite being, which can take one of three forms: the Fragmented Anchorite, the Fragmented Suzerain, or the Fragmented Zelator. This boss must then be defeated in a two-stage fight. If the Tenno is on the Steel Path, they can elect to gather 60 Murmur Eyes instead of 30, which will result in a more difficult boss called The Fragmented One.

Mission start

"The Great Indifference spreads desolation via the mechanism of its fearsome, many-armed Envoy. Vitreum scanners shall aid in locating it, hrm."

"The Murmur's envoy lurks somewhere within the Great Indifference. To find it, administer a visionary serum to our Vitreum scanners."

Approaching first Atropos Probe

"Atropos Serum. A drug that opens perception to other realms, causing madness. Fortunately the Vitreum lacks a mind to lose." [chuckles]

"The Vitreum may not gaze into the abyss without Atropos Serum! Acquire a probe, quickly!"

"Ah, the Atropos Probes! Take one, and fill the waiting eyeball full of visionary juice."

"Equip yourself with an Atropos Probe, that you may pierce the Vitreum with it."

Approaching Vitreum with a Probe

"There! A Vitreum! Administer the Atropos serum, and defend the boggling eye as it searches."

"The Vitreum awaits. Administer the serum! Do not allow the vision to be interrupted by anything! And don't talk to it, even if you die!"

"Inject the Vitreum, Tenno, and keep it intact. We require it to see on our behalf."

"Open that waiting eye unto the Abyss, Tenno, and defend it whilst the serum does its potent work."

When the Vitreum reveals Murmur Eyes

"The Murmur stares back at us. Take its eyes; they will lead you to your target. Quickly now."

"Can you feel that? The Murmur's eyes gaze upon you. Pluck them out."

"The eyes, the eyes! They're everywhere! Grab them whilst you can."

"This is your chance! Go for the eyes!"

[gasp] "Take the eyes, whilst we can still see them."

"Ah! Quickly! The eyes! Grab 'em and run!"

If a Hurling Fragment protects an Eye

"Observe. The Murmur seeks to protect its eyes. Ha! I've got a Tenno! Hahaha!"

"The hand of violence conceals the eye of indifference. Destroy it! Seize what lies within!"

"Observe! The Murmur places a hand over its eye. Swat it away. Naughty hand!"

If the Vitreum is blinded

[stammers] "The search is being hampered. Something is blinding the Vitreum."

"Attackers! Keep them clear of the Vitreum."

"The Vitreum cannot see with the Murmur atop it!"

"Keep them away! The Vitreum cannot see with those things around it. I mean, what on earth are you thinking?"

"We cannot expect the Vitreum to perceive anything whilst being poked at in such a manner! What if I poked you?!"

"Do not allow anything near our Vitreum!"

"We are losing the signal. Protect the Vitreum scanner."

"Does that look like a happy eyeball to you? Keep it clear of obstructions, lest our work be for naught!"

"Place yourself between the Vitreum and the enemy! Stop them!"

Vitreum Exhausted

"This Vitreum's tormented visions have undoubtedly helped, but our work is not yet complete. Repeat the process."

"The Vitreum is spent, but we must see more. Locate another Probe."

"We have seen all that we may from this vantage. I have marked a new Atropos Probe."

"Adequate, but not enough. Acquire more serum and stimulate another Vitreum!"

"Nnngh. Our quarry evades detection. More serum! More visions!"

"Insufficient! We must outstare the Murmur! Fetch a probe and narcotise another Vitreum!"

Approaching a new Atropos Probe

"Hurry! You require more Atropos serum!"

"Atropos Probes in your vicinity."

"Acquire a fresh probe, Tenno."

"Hm! Fresh serum. Take it. It's yummy."

Multiple Vitreums reminder

"Don't feel you have to inject the Vitreums one at a time. By all means, make this a group project! Plenty of eyeballs to go around! But do be careful. Go bipeds!"

"Multiple Vitreum scanners can be Probed simultaneously. A gamble, a risk. But, worth considering to get this over with faster!"

"This can all be over quickly if you want to risk probing multiple Vitreum scanners at once. Potentially a valuable case study in risk assessment."

"Were you to assign colleagues to administer serum to multiple scanners at the same time, it would speed up the process while adding to the, ah… excitement."

After collecting 30 Murmur Eyes

[Sometimes a bounty will require the Tenno to collect 45 Eyes instead.]

"Success! The Vitreum beholds the swarm, haha!"

"We… we have a lock. The Vitreum stares down our target."

(Steel Path) "Success! The Vitreum beholds the swarm, haha! Attack now. If you keep searching, you risk discovering a purer, more virile foe, hrmm."

(Steel Path) "We… we have a lock. The Vitreum stares down our target. Press the attack now. If you keep searching, I cannot be responsible for what horrors the Vitreum may find." [chuckles]

After collecting 60 Murmur Eyes (Steel Path)

"What charming arrogance. I do hope you are ready for what now must be unleashed."

"What? [sputters] You allowed the Vitreum to locate the beast's most powerful form. Well, get on with it, then."

Upon arriving at the Fragmented lair

"The beast sleeps here. Wake it!"

"Summon the tide now."

"Now or never. Challenge it."

Summoning The Fragmented Tide

"Here comes the tide. Let it break itself against you."

"Defeat the tide, to face the One."

Defeating The Fragmented Tide

"There! The demon finally takes form! At last, it can be destroyed!"

"It manifests as one! Steel yourself and attack!"

Defeating The Fragmented

"The Murmur weeps. Oh, my, my. You are quite something. Return to the Sanctum."

"As it was written, so has it come to pass. The awaited Operator has slain the many-armed Envoy. Hm. 'Vashtav, Mara Lohk.'"

(Steel Path) "Hmmm. The harder-won the victory, the greater the spoils. Return to the Sanctum and collect your bounty."

(Steel Path) "Do you always do this, pick the hardest path? One of these times, you may not be so lucky. Until then, enjoy the fruits of your wrath."

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