Cracks in Deimos

A screenshot of a fissure in the caves below Deimos' surface. A long crack is seen in the floor of the Infested substrate. Yellow mist streams upward from the crack and billows out in clouds. Screenshot by GrayArchon.
A fissure beneath Deimos. Screenshot by GrayArchon.

Odd fissures are appearing in the Deimos underground. Go back into the ruins. Find and close these anomalies.

This is one of 5 possible Arcana bounties that can show up on Mother's bounty board on the Cambion Drift after the Tenno has cleared an Isolation Vault. This bounty has the Tenno find and seal fissures in the ground that are emitting a strange mist, and always ends with the Sealing the Cracks stage. It always contains the same four stages, though the order is variable. Below are the unique dialogue lines that are heard when beginning and ending the bounty, and when running the different stages.

Bounty start

Gomaitru: "The seismographs have been dancing a merry tune of late. Kindly find a way to seal the fissures currently opening up in the tunnels, before even more of Deimos becomes uninhabitable."

(after entering Cambion Drift) Loid: "I'm glad you're available, Tenno. We need to discover what is destabilising the tunnels and what long-term effects the fissures are causing."

Digging up Polyps

Loid: "Fungal Polyps have grown in the fissures. It might be… expedient to gather some for Daughter while here."

(upon completing bounty stage with bonus) Loid: "You did a valiant job of keeping the Juggernaut alive… while it mattered. I suggest we press onward."

(upon completing bounty stage without bonus) Otak: "Welp, I guess friends explode on you sometimes. Daughter doesn't seem too sad, though!"

Extract Samples

Loid: "You will need to get that Purifier functional to gain access to the fissures."

(upon completing bounty stage with bonus) Otak: "All clear! We know how to get to the fissures now! Let's go!"

(upon completing bounty stage without bonus) Loid: "I have sufficient data to chart a route to the fissures. Please proceed."


Loid: "Infested incoming. It is imperative we maintain area control. Hold fast and head high!"

(upon completing bounty stage)1 Otak: "You rocked them! It should be pretty quiet in the tunnels for now."

Bounty end (Sealing the Cracks)

Otak: "We're real close to the place that's been rrrrrumbling! Let's see what's popping!"

(upon completing the bounty) Otak: "Done and done! There's no stopping you, shiny!"

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  1. Liberation is currently bugged and it is impossible to fail the bonus.

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