Cleanse the Land

A Captura image of a Deimos Saxum Rex, a large bipedal monster with a pendulous hanging torso. Its skin is a dark purple and parts of its body glow deep red. Its shoulders are hinged like maws, and the right shoulder is open, firing a projectile towards the viewer. The Saxum Rex stands in a river of exocrine on the surface of the Cambion Drift, with the wyrm Fass visible in the background. Captura by GrayArchon.
A Deimos Saxum Rex on the Cambion Drift. Captura by GrayArchon.

A powerful Infested entity has been terrorising teams out in Deimos. Find it, and deal with it.

This is one of the 9 possible bounties that can show up on Mother's bounty board in the Necralisk. This bounty has the Tenno track down and kill a Deimos Saxum Rex, and always ends with the Assassinate stage. Below are the unique dialogue lines that are heard when beginning and ending the bounty, and when running the different stages. The Cache Retrieval, Extract Samples, and Protect the Corpus Scientist stages do not seem to appear for this bounty. All five possible stages are listed below.

Bounty start

Mother: "The Infestation is a marvel, in its own way, an endless fountain of ever-changing flesh, bone and gristle. A particularly murderous specimen has been reported assaulting other teams. Would you be so kind as to find it and put an end to it?"

(after entering Cambion Drift) Loid: "Warning: You are now in the region indicated in the reports of a, quote, 'murderous', unquote, Infested. Caution…."

Otak: "Oh, I can't wait to meet our new Mr Bitey Scratchikins!"


Loid: "You will need to create a killing zone. Activate local excavators to clear yourself some room to manoeuvre."

(upon completing bounty stage with bonus) Loid: "Excellent work, Tenno. With the ground well prepared, we can now proceed to the next step."

(upon completing bounty stage without bonus) Otak: "All done. You're absotively posilutely the best of what's left!"

Hive Extermination

Loid: "It will be necessary to clear nearby Infested in order to achieve optimal hunting conditions. Please proceed when ready."

(upon completing bounty stage)1 Otak: "Well, that showed them! I don't think any of those were Mr Scratchikins though; he's a slippery one!"


Otak: "I don't think we found Mr Scratchikins, but I think we've found some of his friends!"

(upon completing bounty stage)2 Loid: "Carnage comprehensively complete. Additional incentives/rewards have been authorised. Well done, Tenno."

Protect the Grineer Squad

Otak: "I bet if you check in with the Grineer survivors, they can point you to Mr Scratchikins!"

(upon completing bounty stage with bonus) Otak: "Wow, the grunters can't keep up with you! They look all mad, hehe! They said we should go play with Mr Scratchikins if we're so [censored]."

(upon completing bounty stage without bonus) Loid: "The Grineer confirmed losing several squad members to the Infested you are hunting. I have uploaded coordinates to where the encounter occurred."

Bounty end (Assassinate)

Loid: "There is a strong possibility the target can be lured here with the correct bait. Locate the relevant ingredients to proceed."

(upon completing the bounty) Mother: "The cephalons tell me the Infested specimen was located and slain. A small victory, but victory nonetheless."

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  1. There is no additional dialogue for attaining the bonus for this stage.
  2. Liberation is currently bugged and it is impossible to fail the bonus.

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