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These are the documents and audio logs uncovered during the Zariman ARG, along with the messages from Kira, the Holdfast running the ARG.

Audio Logs

Screenshot of the first video. The interface remained identical in all videos.

Four audio logs were released during the ARG. According to Kira, these logs were part of the Zariman data archives and were sealed with a voice authentication protocol. Each log was unlocked by a different spoken passphrase, which in turn had to be uncovered by solving multiple clues, often in complex puzzles. Each video followed more or less the same format: a male voice (later identified as "The Husband") leaving an audio recording for his partner to find, documenting the Zariman's descent into madness. Although each log was released as a video, the video portion only showed various scenes throughout the Zariman, not revealing any information.

LOG_Z10_1_S-624ST was unlocked with the passphrase "We shall not fear to take the leap".

[The Husband]: "Hey, uh, it's me. If you're listening to this, I guess you found the datapad I left sitting on your bedside table. Subtle, I know. I wish I could say this in person, but… ever since Cavalero's little show of force, we're on double shifts. I've been thinking about what you said, though. [sigh] Alright, look: you've always been the smart one in this relationship, and I know how much you look up to Archimedian Yonta. What I'm trying to say is: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I said that Yonta and your team were going to get us all killed. [sigh] It's just that things have been intense lately, and I'm still not convinced that Yonta isn't insane. But you are and always will be the most important thing to me. And if you really do believe the jump will be safe… I'll trust you. Anyway, I'll shut up now. These last few weeks have been rough, but… we just need to hold out a little longer. One jump and we'll be in paradise, right? Okay! I'll be home late. Love you, my angel."

LOG_Z10_2_S-624ST was unlocked with the passphrase "Across the gulf to fare".

Zariman captain: [intercom chime] "Pardon the interruption. This is Zariman Actual. All decks, all stations, stand by for Reliquary field drill."

[Sounds of machinery rumbling are heard and a distant, rising scream, as loud static begins to obscure the audio and video, increasing in intensity until the view goes black. The Husband's voice plays on another recording. Sounds of rioting and commotion can be heard faintly in the background.]

[The Husband] [banging on door] "Angel? My star? I need you to open this door. I know you're listening to these messages."

Female intercom voice (in background): "Please return to your rooms and await further instructions."

[The Husband]: "Please, I just— I'm scared. Things are getting really bad out there. I went to look for supplies, and… my God… the bodies… I think some of them were children. I should barricade this apartment…. [sounds of furniture being moved] Look, you can't stay locked in there forever. I don't care about the jump. I don't care what went wrong. I just care about you. Just come out. Please."

LOG_Z10_3_S-624ST was unlocked with the passphrase "Though all betwixt is dark and deep".

[The Husband] (tearful and angry): "I begged for you to open this door. I reasoned. I cried. I screamed. But then, tonight, I wake to the sound of you howling like some kind of animal. Find you in the hallway, your hands choking the life out of that child. He was just a kid! You were so thin, like a corpse. And the way you looked at me as I shouted, it was like… like you didn't know who I was. All I wanted was for you to open that damn door! And now I have to carry the guilt of knowing you're dead because of me! Because the moment you turned to the sound of my voice… was all that child needed to prove… the Void doesn't just take. It also gives."

LOG_Z10_4_S-624ST was unlocked with the passphrase "A home awaits us there".

[The Husband]: "How many more days can I go on? Choking down these rancid scraps? Hiding from the sounds of their laughter? I see my reflection in this splinter of broken glass and I… I'm going to die here, Angel. And still you stare at me with those sad, unblinking eyes… shimmering like dew on the Academy lawn, where I'd wait for you. And so I wait, and I wait, AND I WAIT! [sobs] And for what? For the emptiness that seeps into these walls to worm its way inside me, too? Already it envelops me. A warm breath in my ear, a half-whispered lullaby that turns into a chorus as the corpses that litter every filthy corner of this forsaken ship raise their voice in song. [sobs] And then I see you. Not this pale and empty husk, but the real you. Crowned in harvest festival flowers as we dance. You open your mouth, but… I cannot hear your voice. And I thrash and I howl and I beg for you to sing for me! But in my heart, I know I will never hear your voice again. Because you are no longer mine. Goodbye, my Angel."

The passphrases for the video logs compose a poem that is well known to many, if not most, of the Zariman crew, and is later heard during the Angels of the Zariman quest.

We shall not fear to take the leap
Across the gulf to fare
Though all betwixt is dark and deep
A home awaits us there

Zariman archive documents

A number of Zariman internal communications were released over the course of the ARG. They are reproduced here, rearranged to be in presumed chronological order, although the messages between Brack and Mykos have been left at the end (also rearranged in chronological order).


Subject: Zariman Ten Zero welcome letter
Sender: <REDACTED>
Reference I.D. IM_Z190_767D2_D.2-354


We are proud to announce that you have been selected for a top-priority colonisation assignment aboard the Zariman Ten Zero. You and <REDACTED> other citizens were evaluated against billions of qualified applicants, and determined to be the best candidates to pioneer the future of the Orokin Empire.

You will join the crew of the Zariman Ten Zero and establish our first colony in the Tau System, and with it, the beginning of a new chapter for our great civilisation.

Each crew member has been assigned individual Dormizones on the Zariman Ten Zero. You are encouraged to decorate this space with items provided by the Supply Officer, or approved personal effects, to make it feel like home during your journey. Of particular import is the complimentary portrait of Albrecht Entrati, without whose tireless work this voyage would not be possible.

In addition, your Dormizone is outfitted with a Vistagraph and Soundscape. You will be required to use these facilities on regular, scheduled intervals to mitigate any physical or mental adverse effects of prolonged interstellar travel.

The Zariman Ten Zero is scheduled to disembark from <REDACTED> at <REDACTED>. You are ordered to report to <REDACTED> for further details about your assignment by <REDACTED>.

Commanding Officer, Zariman Ten Zero


Subject: Orokin weapon storage
Sender: Cavalero
Reference I.D. IM_Z10_443D2_S.2-494

This cycle I personally confirmed that the ceremonial weapons have been stored – properly, this time. If this Orokin finery is the only real arms we have aside from a handful of deployable ordnance, you'd have to be stupider than I think you are to tolerate any more needless risks. Tensions are already high and I'm hearing word of organised protests. If the worst happens, I don't think glorified confetti cannons are going to help us much.

Also, on the matter of displaying them, I don't care how "lovely" Hombask says the progenitor wood grain is – we shouldn't leave them out so any grubber or slack-jawed Grineer can reach them.



Subject: Assignment J72X-1: Classroom door won't lock
Sender: Automated security ticket
Reference I.D. IM_Z10_923A4_S.5-059

ISSUER: Reena Z.8

To Whom it may concern: The door to my Classroom 3-A has been malfunctioning since pretty much right after launch. I'm NOT a tattle, but I think I saw Jacari smearing some of his nutrient block into some of the cracks. It opens and closes just fine but it won't lock no matter what I try.

I would never do something like this obviously but I fear that some of our more intricate solar system models might fall victim to my classmate's sticky fingers looking to decorate their Dormizone.

Thank you for your prompt response.

—Reena, Class President

SECURITY ADDENDUM: Don't waste my time. We've got more important issues aboard to worry about than keeping the whelps in – or out of – their pens. For now, let them enjoy the pleasure cruise; we'll worry about locked doors when we reach Tau.


Subject: Baby announcement
Sender: Rella D.2
Reference I.D. IM_Z10_767D2_D.2-354

Ecstatic parents Rella and Dohan are overjoyed to announce the birth of their daughter, Clarra, at four minutes past midnight this morning: 7lbs 4oz.

Cyrrus and Apollo are tickled pink at the arrival of their new little sister. Proud grandparents are Shoban, Roddick, Turin, and Misune (and Revzan!).

An extra special thank you to the wonderful attendants (organic and otherwise) in the Zariman med-bay.

We love you forever, Clarra!


Subject: Incident report: V64K-5
Sender: Automated security ticket
Reference I.D. IM_Z10_442M5_S.5-994


Yesterday I was dispatched to Dormizone Ward C in response to a domestic disturbance between two occupants. Upon arrival at the Ward, I encountered Dybar H.4, victim 1, who had sustained critical lacerations to his face, hands, and chest. Victim 1 was found lying in the hallway unconscious. It was then that I called for backup.

Upon entering the Dormizone, I found Victim 1's partner, Hania X.6, in a state of aggravated distress. Hania stated that Dybar "had been replaced" and needed "to be purged". Hania X.6 then brandished a kitchen utensil and attempted to assault me. I was successful in disarming her and rendering her unconscious.

When backup arrived, Hania X.6 was placed in custody and taken to the medical bay for examination. By the time the medical drones arrived, Dybar H.4 had died. His body was also taken to the medical bay for examination.

Their two children, Olrud and Khort, were placed in the care of a relative in Ward D.

Personal note: I feel the need to reiterate my complaints about a lack of armaments, given the sudden and dramatic spike in violent incidents. It is irresponsible to send us into such encounters without proper defences.


Subject: Please respond…
Sender: Axia H.5
Reference I.D. IM_Z10_324E3_H.5-113


Where are you? Your assistant says you've been out sick, but I'm not buying it. I'm really worried about you.

I know you're fuming about that last broadcast from Tuvul. We all are. I just want to make sure you don't do anything stupid. Last we spoke, you said some pretty scary stuff. I'm sure you were just blowing off steam but I never know with you.

Can you send me a message to let me know that you're at least okay? Bonus points if you can also assure me you're not doing something absolutely reckless.


Oh, also: Black on D3. I win again!


Subject: Where the hell are you
Sender: Axia H.5
Reference I.D. IM_Z10_324E3_H.5-114


Tell me you had nothing to do with what happened in the biomes. Seriously. Do not screw with me here. I don't give a shit who might be reading these messages. Did you even consider who you'd be hurting? Families, Hombask. MY family. Chera calls you auntie! Did you even think about her?

There's so many things I could say right now. So many things I could do. But please, just tell me you had nothing to do with it. Please.


Subject: Where the hell are you
Sender: Axia H.5
Reference I.D. IM_Z10_324E3_H.5-115

I will never forgive you.


Subject: Top secret project
Sender: Mykos F.5
Reference I.D. IM_Z10_584P4_F.5-134

I have to be honest, of all your crazy schemes this has got to be one of the dumbest.

So I've been thinking about that project lately.

The problem I had before was I didn't have a strong enough satellite to project the broadcast into deep space. So what if we hijack one of the Zariman satellites?

I'm working on refining the message now. Its structure is quite elegant, if I do say so myself. The idea is that the message is exactly 1679 bits long – a semiprime – and when you arrange the binary on a 23x73 grid, it creates a visual message that anyone out there might be able to decipher.

I've figured out most of what I should put in the message. There's a section that explains numbers in binary, another one that displays where the Zariman is headed, a crude depiction of Orokin and human physiology, and a depiction of the Origin System. There's still a lot of empty space, though. Can you think of anything to put there?


Subject: Top secret project
Sender: Brack 0.3
Reference I.D. IM_Z10_234Q8_O.3-220


[The text of this message was encoded with a Vigenère cipher. The plaintext is below.]

The satellite array is an independent system that receives commands from the communications terminal in the bridge. Technically this is a closed loop, but I found some older bits of firmware that have the required transfer protocol. I've patched it into an obsolete communication program we can use. It's pretty clever, you can basically talk to the satellite system directly.

Here's the information you need to connect to the satellite irc://ircnet

You'll need to find the proper channel. You'll know it when you see it. The satellite interface will get you instructions on where to upload the broadcast file.


Subject: Top secret project
Sender: Brack O.3
Reference I.D. IM_Z10_234Q8_O.3-223


Okay so let me explain this one more time, but I promise I'll go extra slowly.

Yesterday I was alone on my shift. I took the opportunity to inject that script I wrote. It provides a kind of secret door to the satellite array. Once I finish the message, you can use this to reorient the satellites and upload the message for broadcast. It'll only take about five minutes and then I can return the satellites to their original bearing and delete the script. No one will know – least of all Quinn.

I've created a set of instructions for you to follow. It'll be easy. My shift starts at the usual time tomorrow. I'll message the comms officer to let him know I'll be late and to just take off. Then once she's gone, you patch in and do your stuff. That way if someone does notice the satellites moved, no one will suspect us.

Remember, the key is where we grew up on Venus. And the broadcast destination is in the message.

You're making no sense. Also, I need to say it again: this is such a stupid idea! Why would there be anything out there? You're going to get yourself glassed if they find out you're planning to hijack comms equipment. Cephalon Brallor does have a nice ring to it, though.


Subject: They're coming
Sender: Mykos F.5
Reference I.D. IM_Z10_584P4_F.5-222

What is happening? What are you talking about? You're scaring me, Brack.


They're at the door, trying to get in. You were right. I shouldn't have gone to the protest.

I've attached the file for you but it's not finished. Please, I'm begging you, finish it for me and use the broadcast instructions within to send it. I know you think this is all stupid, but please. Do it for me.

If you don't hear from me soon, just kn

Kira communications

Screenshot of Kira's first broadcast during Prime Time

The ARG was run by a female individual whose identity was never revealed, although context clues provided with the Angels of the Zariman quest (which was released upon the conclusion of the ARG) indicate that it was Kira, a former member of the Zariman Holdfasts. Kira attempts to salvage documents and data from the Zariman archives before corruption renders them useless, but over the course of the ARG she succumbs to the Angels' song and becomes a Void Angel herself. She communicates with the Tenno who are solving the ARG and decoding the Zariman's files via many different media of communication, often in code (especially at the start of the ARG). Kira's messages and broadcasts are provided here, in chronological order, in plaintext, in order for easy perusal. Punctuation and capitalisation have been added for readability. To see the original context and content of these messages, see the long-form ARG writeup.

[Facebook, encoded]
Testing, testing. Is anyone getting this?

[Discord channel category name, encoded]
Please help

[Discord mp3 file name, encoded]
Time is running out

[Discord mp3 file, encoded]
Seems like something is getting through, but the Void radiation is screwing with it

[Discord wav file name, encoded]
Please please please

[Discord wav file, encoded]
Picking up some strange feedback. A response, maybe. Hello, is anyone getting this? Hello? If you can hear this, I'm trying to push through the Albrecht Membrane, but I need more time. Please don't leave me.

[Instagram, encoded]
Jacked the signal up to try and punch through it, but can't even be sure these broadcasts are reaching the right ears, let alone the right dimension

[Warframe Forum post title, encoded]
I'm so close

[Warframe Forum post, encoded]
Wait a minute! What if, instead of trying to punch through the Membrane, I just mirror the frequency and see if I can piggyback off of it? This could work.

[Twitch/YouTube, broadcast]
Can anyone hear this? I'm not sure if this transmission is getting through. [shouts] Damn Void radiation! If you can hear this, I need to talk. The Zariman data archives – they're on the verge of corruption. Gah! This isn't working! Stay tuned. I'll contact you on another channel as soon as I—

[Discord, encoded]
Something's come up. Don't wait up for me.

[Twitter, encoded]
Okay, I think I got the hang of this. Let's try something with a little more breathing room.

[TikTok, broadcast]
…just have to adjust the attenuation, and… [short static] Is it working? It's working! Hello? Hello! I'm praying to whatever gods are listening that you can hear this message. I can't explain everything right now, but I need your help cracking through this Zariman voice authentication protocol. Find the password and record yourself saying it to this broadcast, so I can feed it to the computer. Good luck.

[TikTok, broadcast]
I'll be honest. I wanted to believe you could do it, but I was sceptical. You have no idea what this means to me. This is a second chance! The Orokin left these archives to rot, and now we might lose it all to the Void. I'll share this decrypted file with you on another channel. Uh, just need to check something. Hold tight.

[TikTok, broadcast]
I can't believe it's still intact. Thank you. [static increases, Kira makes exasperated sound] This Void contamination sure is wild, huh? Never seen anything like it. Seems like it's amplifying the signal somehow. Wait, is this feedback from a different— sorry, not important. What is important is the Zariman. Remember that? I'm sure you wish you didn't. Well, too bad. I need you to remember. What happened here, it's… incomprehensible. But we can't let it be forgotten. I found a cache of encrypted data. Personnel files, message logs, and much more. Most of it is already gone, corrupted. We have to save what little is left. Please, I'm begging you. Help me back it up so it's safe. [static] Still with me? Ah, the signal is fading…. I'll broadcast the one file you just cracked through a different channel. Stay tuned. [static increases] Damn! I'm losing the signal! I'll contact you again.

[YouTube, video description]
I need your help. This will explain more:

I need your help. This is where it all begins.

Sorry I've been so hard to reach. I'll explain more later, I promise. This channel seems stable for now, so I'm going to use it to store any of the files you've recovered. If you're lost and need to catch up, start by reviewing those. I'll message you soon. These people are friends, they can help you: Go to #open-comms channel to find allies.

[Facebook, encoded]
Can't risk them finding me. Have to keep moving. Search everywhere.

[Warframe, in-game chat]

[TikTok, broadcast]
(mild static) [humming Smiles from Juran] [sharp fizzle] [gasp] Connection established! [static clears] I've managed to isolate another encrypted file for you to crack. I think the password might have something to do with this other document I found. I've already beamed it over to the same channel we were using yesterday… wait. What was that? [Void Angel screech in background] Oh, for Void's sake! Not now! I have to go. Remember, find the password and broadcast yourself saying it out loud so I can feed it into the console.

Sorry to disappear like that. Found this in the same directory as our encrypted file; thought you might want to see. I've updated the repository with all the files you've found too.

Hold on. Something isn't right. Looks like Void Contamination is corrupting the file. I'm pulling the files until I can sort this out. Sit tight.

Okay I did some investigating. It looks like the tunnel I'm using to transmit these files to you is decaying – but it's happening on your end, not mine. I triple checked. I don't know if I can explain this in layperson's terms, but this bridge I've created mirrors the frequencies found in some of this Void Contamination. There's plenty on my end. Too much, if I'm being honest. But we need more on your end to stabilise the connection or we risk losing contact. We can't let that happen. Listen carefully: We need to ramp up the Void Contamination on your end. By a lot. If my calculations are correct, we'd need somewhere around 10.000.000 Void traces to do that. I know that seems like an impossible number, but I believe in you. You've been unstoppable so far. Get the word out. Gather allies, and get as many Void traces as you can. Once you have them, I need you to all gather in one place. I'll let you decide where that is. That should create enough concentrated Void Contamination to stabilise the bridge. Get working and I'll update you on your progress when I can.

We've collected over half of the Void traces we need to stabilise the broadcast frequency. But we still need some more or I won't be able to send you more files. Keep going!

You're doing it! The bridge is stabilising! We've collected just over half of the Void traces we need, according to my calculations. Keep going. Spread the word! Gather all the allies you can. We're so close.

I've redone my calculations and I think we have all the Void traces we need. Work with your allies to find a place you can all gather and wait for my update. Hopefully this works.

It worked! The files should be in the repository located here: Remember, we still need that password! When you find it, recite it to me here:

I can't believe it worked! I've transmitted the files! Don't celebrate yet, though. We still need that password for the audio log. Remember, find it and then recite it to this broadcast so I can take your audio and feed it into the computer.

[Twitch, channel description]
The Zariman data archives are on the verge of corruption. This is our last chance. These people are friends, they can help you: Go to #open-comms channel.

[YouTube, video description]
Time is running out and there's so many files left to recover. I need your help:

[TikTok, broadcast]
Another file decrypted. You're doing so great, and I just wanted to say… [Void Angel vocalisations in background] I have to keep moving. Keep an eye on that other channel. I'll be in touch.

So many gaps. I see these flashes. Screaming, violence, the sound of my name echoing through the halls. Moments that feel so familiar and yet are impossible. They have to be. And here it is, happening again. I'm trying to fight it, but these old wounds, it's hard not to let it get to you, y'know? What am I saying? Of course you do….

Sorry for my last message. And for burdening you like this. What I'm doing is so selfish. I hope you'll forgive me.

Also sorry that I say sorry so much.

[Twitch, broadcast]
Just gotta recalibrate the signal intensity, and… [static clears] there! I think this frequency is stable for now. Sorry I've been so hard to reach, but I'm not the only one who woke to his words. I call them Angels. Just my way of reminding myself what they used to be. [eerie noises begin in background, growing in volume] I have another batch of files that I need you to find the password for. Figure it out and send me a broadcast of you saying it so I can strip the audio— [Void Angel scream in background] No, nonononononono! They're calling to me! I must— [Kira screams, like an Angel]

[Twitch, encoded]
Lost the path forward, drowning in your sin. The answer can be found where black is posed to win. [This was a clue for the komi puzzle that was currently being solved]

[Twitch, encoded]
Beyond the moon you will find me.

[Twitch, encoded]
Though all betwixt is dark and deep [This was the passphrase for the current video log]

Digging up the past was a bad idea.

In the darkness deep and vast
We sing a little song
To remind us of the past
And all that we've done wrong

[TikTok, broadcast]
(weary) Hey. Would you look at that. Another file decrypted. Thank you. I… I need some time alone. Our work continues tomorrow! Stay safe.

This was all a mistake. Don't know what I expected digging up such shallow graves.

Sorry. I'm trying my best.

[TikTok, broadcast]
[Void Angel screams in background] It's too much! It's too much! [Kira screams] [panting] I was wrong. I have to know. I need more time. Please hurry.

[TikTok, broadcast]
I've said it too much, but I'll say it again: thank you. The Void took so much, but you've given me something back. As painful as it might be, at least I can… [Kira screams] I'm sorry. I tried. I really did. Please, just…. [Kira grunts and strains, then screams]

[YouTube, video description]
This is the end.

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