A debt-bond fragment, hidden on the Orb Vallis

The Origin System is filled with small trinkets cast aside by the unobservant. Gathered together, they sometimes tell a greater story. Such stories are listed here.

Cephalon fragments
(Cephalon Ordis fragments found in normal missions)

Cetus fragments
(Thousand-year-fish statuettes found on the Plains of Eidolon)

Gara fragments
(Glass shard fragments found during Saya's Vigil quest)

Ghoul fragments
(Journal fragments rewarded from Ghoul Purge bounties)

Revenant fragments
(Memory fragments found during Mask of the Revenant quest)

Solaris fragments
(Debt-bond memory fragments found on the Orb Vallis)

Partnership fragments
(Sentient-Corpus fragments found in the Jupiter Gas City)

The Tenets
(Corpus fragments found at Parvos Granum statues on the Corpus Ship)

Albrecht Entrati Vitruvian
(Vitruvian entries unlocked by ranking up with Entrati and Necraloid Syndicates)

Executor Tuvul fragments
(Audio broadcast logs found on the Zariman ship)

Lost Islands of Duviri fragments
(Archivist's notes found in Duviri)

Albrecht's Notes
(Grimoire pages found in Albrecht's Laboratories)

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