Duviri Citizen Dialogue

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The kingdom of Duviri is populated by citizens of all kinds, who can be found in the towns and settlements dotting the floating islands. The citizens of Duviri will talk to one another, or the Drifter if approached. Most of them can be found in multiple locations. Their dialogue lines are reproduced below, grouped by speaker.

Duviri Female 1: The Friendly

Can usually be found standing with one or two other citizens, in many locations across Duviri. The Friendly citizen is voiced by Sara Secora.

"Oh! For a moment there I thought that you were the Drifter! Like my little life would ever get that exciting!"

"Nice to see you! Any news?"

"Well hello there!"

"Hey friend!"

"What's the good word?"

"Always nice to see a friendly face. What brings you here?"

"Feels good to get a body moving."

"Go stand under a Materlith and then tell me that this isn't a world full of love."

"What a beautiful day! If you want to see the world, don't stand in one place! Go, go go!"

"It's okay! It's going to be fine! It always is!"

Duviri Female 2: The Pensive

Can usually be found sitting alone, or more rarely with another person, in many locations across Duviri. The Pensive citizen is voiced by Sara Secora.

"No. I can't quite believe it. What kind of benevolent creator would consign me to this?"

"I look into the Void, the Void looks into me looking into the Void."

"Yesterday, my mood was 'bored'. Today, it is also 'bored'. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?"

"It's good that I don't remember. It's good."

"Wonder what it's like to be a, a tree. Or a rock. Or a fish."

"I'm going to take off this mask! No. I'm not."

"Eighteen million bottles of kuva on the wall…."

"Should I break something? Scream a little? [sigh] No. I don't think I'll bother."

"Eternity. Well, I can't say I like it."

"Guess I could go get run over by a kaithe again."

Duviri Female 3: The Lover

Can be found sitting or standing next to a male citizen (the other Lover), in many locations across Duviri. The Lover is voiced by Jenn Henry.

 "Should we? I think we should."

"It will happen. There's always time."

"It'll be fine. You'll see."

"I… I should have been there. Oh, I hope she knew."

[satisfied sigh]

Duviri Female 4: The Cleaner

Can be found standing, holding a broom, in many locations across Duviri. The Cleaner is voiced by Jenn Henry.

"Oh, good day my liege! [clears throat] The airs on this one."

"Ugh, missed a spot."

"Oh. Lovely. Another one. Yes? What?"

"Do I know you?"

"What? What is it?"

"Ugh. Work, like life, it never ends… it is merely… endured."

"Oh, my achin' back."

"Go on. Move along. No lollygagging around here."

"A woman feels like she's swept the same floor for as long as she can remember…."

"They come, they go, they come, and they go."

"Well if I'm devoured today, my children will inherit a clean house."

Duviri Female 5: The Reader

Can be found sitting, reading the book Tales of Duviri, in a couple locations at the Archarbor. The Reader is voiced by Sara Secora.

"I find something new in this each time I read it."

"I'm almost done. Give me another ten minutes."

"Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating."

[laughing] "Delightful."

"No artist tolerates reality. And yes, that was something I read in a book."

Duviri Female 6: The Friend

Can be found sitting next to the Reader at the Archarbor, speaking to her. The Friend is voiced by Jenn Henry.

"Yeah, there's also a world out here, you realise."

[sigh] "If you don't put that down we're going to be late."

"I watched an Orowyrm chase a kaithe… and you completely missed it."

"You should read to me sometime. I'd like that."


Duviri Male 1: The Cheerful

Can usually be found standing with one or two other citizens, in many locations across Duviri. The Cheerful citizen is voiced by Torian Brackett.

"Prosper the day, stranger!"

"Let's not waste the day His Majesty gave us!"

"Is that… [small gasp] you know, I think it is!"

"Ah, Thrax is on his throne, and all is right with the world."

"Oh, people love to complain! But you know what I say? The King is doing his best. Besides, I'd like to see you do better." [giggles]

"Whatever you may say about Duviri, it's never the same day twice."

"Oh, it doesn't matter to me one little bit what colour the sky turns. I think this place is beautiful."

"Who, I ask you, who would ever want to live anywhere else?"

"Oh! Stay away from the pools and ponds! The Golden Maws are anything but companionable. They're ravenous!"

"The trick is keeping busy. Saves you from having to do any thinking."

"I've been doing this all my life and I'm not even tired!"

Duviri Male 2: The Morose

Can usually be found sitting alone, or more rarely with another person, in many locations across Duviri. The Morose citizen is voiced by Brett McCartney.

"First day of the rest of my life. Again. Wa-hoo."

"Torture would be better than this. But then, I guess this is torture."

"Well, at least this place will fall into the Void one day."

[sigh] "Bring on the big wyrm. Get it over with."

"There goes that Drifter again."

"Void-damned kids! Disrespecting their seniors!"

"Same old, same old."

"I don't know why I thought today would be any different."

[big gasp] "My toe's itching! Oh no, wait. It stopped."

"Well, it would be nice to want something once in a while."

Duviri Male 3: The Lover

Can be found sitting or standing next to a female citizen (the other Lover), in many locations across Duviri. The Lover is voiced by Torian Brackett.

"What do I think? [chuckle] I think you know what I think."

"And that was that. Ha. Extraordinary."

"In a little bit. Let's just enjoy the light."

"It will always be like this. I promise."


Duviri Male 4: The Sweeper

Can be found standing, holding a broom, in many locations across Duviri. The Sweeper is voiced by Torian Brackett.

"Ah, to what do I owe the honour?"

"I'm busy, make it quick."

[grumble] "Out with it or move on."

"Fix this, fix that, sweep this, sweep that…."

(sarcastic) "Ah, wonderful."

"What? What do you want now?"

[grumble] "Don't these idiots know the Dax might inspect us at any moment?"

"Ah, sling your hook, I have work to do."

"Yes yes what do you want?"


Duviri Male 5: The Merchant

Can be found standing behind a table laden with goods for sale, in many locations across Duviri. The Merchant is voiced by Brett McCartney.

"You wouldn't be interested in the junk I have for sale. This clutter is for common Duviri folk, not heroes."

"My shoddy wares are far too humble for the likes of you, good Drifter."

"Alas, my trade is in horseshoe nails and boot laces. Not mighty guns or shining swords."

"Hey. What brings you around?"

"Lookin' real dangerous today, friend."

"Still strugglin' against the King, eh? Good luck to you. Me? I know my place."

"I mean, yeah, some do say Thrax should be murdered every day for a million years… but everyone agrees, he gave us some nice buildings."

"I've been in this business for a long time, met a lot of people, and I can tell you this: you're not who you think you are. There's a lot more to you than that."

"Huh. I'd swear this place used to be busier. Couldn't remember when, though, if you asked me."

Duviri Male 6: The Boatman

Can be found sitting at the end of a dock, and sitting on a floating boat next to the dock, in multiple locations on the shores of the islands. Both men have identical dialogue despite sitting near each other. The Boatman is voiced by Brett McCartney.

"You can't put a price on a view like that." 

"The world down here may be upside down, but up there… up there, things are always as they were meant to be."

"The snap of her sails and the creak of her hull are music to my ears."

"Wind's picking up."

"Headed somewhere?"

"Wherever a body needs to be, my girl and I can take them there."

"Mind the crosswinds over Lonesome Outlook, and we'll keep her true."

"Another day, girl. Another blessed day."

"My pa always said: There's two ways to be rich. Get a lot, or want little. This big sky? All I've ever needed."

"Well. Best get my boots on. Will and wind wait for none."

Duviri Male 7: The Sage

Can be found sitting next to a shawzin within the cave near Fair Shores Hamlet. The Sage is voiced by Torian Brackett.

"Mmm. A nurse held hand after hand day after day as soul after soul fled body after body. She believed her mind had fled and her soul would be next. No. Our minds save us. Saved her. Her mind ferried away horrors before returning for the next day's passengers. The things she believed lost were only borrowed, as company for her saviour's journey. This, this is good to remember."

"Distance yourself from hurry, from chatter. Sit in silence. Sit in silence long enough that your mind, out of need, converses with itself. From this will be learned a great many things. Things astounding, things terrible, all useful, all impossible to disregard. In this we survive both life, and death."

"It is said you cannot cheat an honest man. Untrue. To cheat an honest man one does not appeal to their greed, but to their pity."

"If one wishes to be forever young, one must be forever learning."

"A mother to a misbehaving child once said, 'Do it until your father laughs.' I say to you, my eyes to Heaven: 'Do it until your father laughs.'"

"When one falls in love with what one cannot see, one falls in love with magic."

"You have a shadow. It is that which you wish you were not, but are."

"You may as well laugh. Anxiety changes nothing."

"One cannot repair people, only love them. Let go of the fallacy, or be dragged behind it."

"To adjust perspective on suffering, remember that the shape of both comedy and horror are identical."

"Ah, you are trapped by your ability to symbolise. Do you understand?"

"Life is both unkind and unpredictable. But it would be worse if it were unkind and predictable."

"If it is stupid and it works, it is not stupid."

"Suffering and misery do not need to be one and the same. Men and women will suffer for anything, so long as they believe it to be meaningful. When their labour is without meaning… then suffering truly becomes… suffering."

"Emperors, kings, popes, and tyrants. All tell us things. Strange things, conflicting things, confusing things. They tell us these things not so we believe. They tell us these things so we believe nothing. And in believing nothing, do nothing."

Duviri Male 8: Pip

Can be found leaning against a tree, playing a shawzin, at Lonesome Outlook. Nearby is a table with a komi board. Pip is voiced by Scott Whyte.

"To the Void with you, Fergin! The King says I can play as loud as I like! What I wouldn't give to hear his grumpy old voice again."

"'You ever do requests? You do? [gasps] Go to the edge and jump!' That's what he'd say. Every day."

"You ever gonna make that move? [laughs, sighs] He's never coming back."

"Real exciting game you got going on over there! He was there every day. [sigh] Then one day, he… just wasn't."

"'Komi is for true Orokin! Shawzin's nothing but a Dax toy!' Ah, he was full of himself."

"'Shuddup,' he would say. 'Who taught you to play, a kaithe's arse?' [laughs, sighs] Now all I hear is this shawzin." [sigh]

"What was that, Fergin? Can't hear you over the crowds! [sad laugh] I keep thinking I'm gonna look up and see him, scowling across at me."

"This one's for you, Fergin! [sigh] He hated my music. Hated me, too. Void, I miss him."

"You know what he'd say to me? 'You think you're making Father proud? Playing shawzin all day?' [sigh] Like I was nothing but a loafer."

"Oh really? Why don't you come over here and say that to my FACE? [sob] I know just what he'd say to that."

"Ha! I've got an audience! I don't see anyone lining up to play Komi with you! [sigh] Every day, it feels like a little bit more of this place is lost."

The Prisoner

During the objective "Stay close to the Prisoner to free them", a man can be found standing at the objective area, bound in handcuffs. He has dialogue during the objective. The Prisoner is voiced by Scott Whyte.

(when the Drifter arrives) "And behold: someone has come along to free me, as I said they would."

(when the Drifter arrives) [clears throat] "A favour: rescue me, so that my one and only head may remain attached to the shoulders which you see before you."

(when the Drifter arrives) "Your task, which I'm sure you will fulfil admirably, is to ensure my freedom from these… ne'er-do-wells."

(when the Drifter arrives) "As there seems to be some sort of misunderstanding, can I implore you to clear things up with my captors?"

(when the Drifter arrives) "Ah ha! Right on time. Be a love and help a fellow out? I appear to have been… captured, eheh."

(when the Drifter arrives) "Please, persuade these brutes to set me free. Ha, I told you someone would be along to help."

(when the Drifter arrives) "Ah! There you are! Haha!.Might I bother you for a spot of assistance?"

(when a new wave of Dax appears) "Bravo, what a show. Ooh, time for an encore."

(when a new wave of Dax appears) "My, my. They are hostile, aren't they?"

(when a new wave of Dax appears) "Oh my, they seem to have friends."

(when a new wave of Dax appears) [clears throat] "You'll just have to dispatch these fellows too." [nervous laugh]

(when a new wave of Dax appears) "I hoped that was the last of them; alas… no."

(when a new wave of Dax appears) "I never doubted you'd show up. [laughs] Not for a second."

(when a new wave of Dax appears) "Very efficient. At this rate, I'll be home for supper. What to make?"

(when the Drifter is victorious) "Handily done, friend of mine! Until next time!"

(when the Drifter is victorious) "Very much obliged, O hand of fate. Cheerio!"

(when the Drifter is victorious) "And that… would appear… to be that! Ha, wonderful! Until next you are needed, my little good luck charm!"

(when the Drifter is victorious) "Wonderful, haha! Funny how things always seem to work out, isn't it?"

(when the Drifter is victorious) "And, thanks to your timely intercession, I shall be on my way. Ta rah."

(when the Drifter is victorious) "Haha! A superfluous demonstration of competence! I would expect nothing less!"

Singing children

In multiple locations across Duviri can be found two children, a boy and a girl, dancing or sitting while singing or humming to each other. The rhymes vary based on the Spiral's mood; the hummed tunes do not. At Kullervo's Hold, many children are present on the island. Each one will sing a specific verse of a longer song regarding Kullervo, and they do not sing the other mood-related songs. The boy is voiced by Michael Johnston and the girl is voiced by Suzie Rai.

Boy: "Grin, grin, grin!"
"If smiles were all it took,
We would all be happy
With just one look!"

"Even when your house is burning down
Even when a fool has stolen your crown
You can smile instead
You can smile"
"Even when you can't afford your tax
Even when your husband's been killed by Dax
You can smile instead
You can smile"

"There's a face in the sky,
With a great big smile,
So we smile right back today."
"There's a man in a wall,
With a grin like a skull,
So we grin right back today."

"Let your blood boil
Let your teeth grind
Let your fire rise
'Cause it's Lodun's Day!"
"Better make a fist
Better start a fray
Knock a fella down
'Cause it's Lodun's Day"

"We're gonna take him
Shake him, break him
Roast him, toast him
Bind him, blind him!"
"Punch him, crunch him
Snatch him, scratch him
Flay him, slay him
Good and DEAD!"

"If only fire melted stone
Oh how people's wrath would burn"
"If angry words could break a bone
Oh how the world would moan and groan"

"Oh Mister Bombastine
We know why you act so mean
Everyone else has more than you
Everyone else is bored of you"
"Oh Mister Bombastine
We know why your eyes are green
Someone else had a sweeter voice
Someone else was the King's new choice"

"Something's watching through the window,
Watching you and watching me…
Wants what we have, wants to BE us!
We know that can never be."
"Something's waiting, getting closer,
Watching, waiting for its day,
Something needy, cruel and greedy…
Keep that hungry thing at bay!"

"Lady, lady, why do you weep,
Tear at your hair,
And cry in your sleep?"
"Grief and woe have made me a thing…
Fit but to sing
At the will of the King."

"Cry for a dead love
Cry for your shame
Cry for the loss
Of your own good name"
"Cry for the day and
Cry for the hour
Cry for the lady
Locked in the tower"

"Oh the wall rose high…
And it wished it could cry
With the tears of a thousand eyes"
"For Sorrow it sought…
But it never ever thought
How it already kept its prize"

Boy: "What's that whisper on the breeze?"
Girl: "Just the rustling in the trees."
Boy: "What's that tread upon the stair?"
Girl: "Nothing, darling, nothing there."
Boy: "What's that rattling at my door?"
Girl: "Just the wind and nothing more."
Boy: "What's that breathing in my ear?"
Girl: "Nothing, darling, nothing here."
Boy: "What's that gleaming sharp and bright?"
Girl: "Hold your tongue and say GOODNIGHT!"

"What are you afraid of?
Empty eyes and
Distant cries and
Wolves who walk in human guise?"
"What are you afraid of?
Creaks and thuds and
Trickling blood and
Mouths and noses filled with mud?"
"What are you afraid of?
Nails in your knees and
Faces in the trees and
Clowns with hands all full of bees?"

"Go hide your face,
In a lonesome place,
Many miles away from here."
"Where the night winds wail,
Till your face turns pale,
And the stones all mock your fear!"

(Kullervo's Hold)
"Kullervo, Kullervo, warrior-born,
From his mother's breast he was torn.
Doomed to go wandering all forlorn,
Kullervo, Kullervo, made to mourn."

(Kullervo's Hold)
"Kullervo, Kullervo, swaddled in lies,
Raised to a life of groans and cries,
Took to his task with sorrowing sighs,
Kullervo, Kullervo, death was your prize."

(Kullervo's Hold)
"Kullervo, Kullervo, sworn to the sword,
Sweated and slaved for the head of the horde,
Bruised and bludgeoned and scarred and gored,
Kullervo, Kullervo, warrior's ward."

(Kullervo's Hold)
"Kullervo, Kullervo, far he strayed.
Lips to the steel he blessed and prayed,
Whispered promises that boy made!
Kullervo, Kullervo, friend to the blade."

(Kullervo's Hold)
"Kullervo, Kullervo, ragged and thin,
Tracked back the path so steeped in sin,
All the way back where it did begin,
Kullervo, Kullervo, sought for his kin."

(Kullervo's Hold)
"Kullervo, Kullervo, burdens he bore,
Many the woes and horrors he saw!
Tyrants and conquerors ravaging the poor,
Kullervo, Kullervo, witness to war."

(Kullervo's Hold)
"Kullervo, Kullervo, stranger to mirth,
Spoke with the ragged who toiled in the earth,
Learned of the truth of the days of his birth,
Kullervo, Kullervo, what was he worth?"

(Kullervo's Hold)
"Kullervo, Kullervo, stood all alone
Over the graves of the ones he'd known.
Homestead warmth turned to ashes and bone,
Kullervo, Kullervo, cold as a stone."

(Kullervo's Hold)
"Kullervo, Kullervo, broke like a flood,
Ripped and he ravaged with a slash-slice-thud!
Many lay headless, armless, in the mud,
Kullervo, Kullervo, bathed in blood."

(Kullervo's Hold)
"Kullervo, Kullervo, long did he weep,
In his own breast his sword drove deep.
Down to the dark and a merciful sleep,
Kullervo, Kullervo, your secrets we keep."


At Kullervo's Hold, one of the children can be found deep within a cave under the dungeon, sitting by a fire and holding Kullervo's sword, Vaenn. She does not sing, but will speak if the Drifter approaches.

Girl: "Vaenn belongs to Kullervo! I'm hiding it from the Warden. You have to promise not to tell anyone, okay?"

Girl: "The Warden will never find us. Not all the way down here."

Girl: "Don't worry, Vaenn. They're just passing by."

Girl: "I hear Vaenn whisper sometimes."

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